Aug 042018

In partnership with Galleon Marine of Odiham, the Society is putting on a Raft Race in Odiham, on Sunday September 2nd.  All proceeds will go towards the Basingstoke Canal.

There will be an adults race, which will run from the lift bridge at North Warnborough to Colt Hill wharf (about 1 mile), and a childrens race which will run from the Odiham by-pass bridge to the wharf (about 400m).

So, now’s your chance to get a team together and be creative!  But you will need to get a move on….

The rules of the race and how to enter can be found here.  Ideas on raft design and lots more information can be found by following the official Raft Race Facebook page.

Of course, with such events, help is always needed and offers to assist with stewarding and marshalling will be appreciated. If you are able to help in advance or just on the day, Society chairman Philip Riley would be glad to hear from you.

Good luck and see you there.

We should take the opportunity to thank all our sponsors for supporting this event.