Operation and Benefits

As listed in the section headed “Aims and Objectives” the Association normally organises three meetings each year. This enables those attending to meet with their opposite number in other organisations which have the same objectives and very often the same problems. Objectives are similar in that the whole movement exists to further the restoration of inland waterways mainly for navigation purposes.

Seeking co-operation from Local Authorities is an issue common to almost all projects. There is now, a greater awareness by Local Authorities of the benefits to their community achieved by successful restoration projects, which is very encouraging. So visits to various waterways by the Association can bring valuable local publicity to the projects, and can in turn provide material for gaining more recognition.

The practical engineering aspects of restoration vary according to the type of waterway being worked on. But almost every waterway has characteristics which are common to another, and attendance at Association meetings enables discussion with others who have to deal with these.

The winter meeting offers the opportunity for associates to request and hear from speakers invited to provide information and advice on a range of issues. This meeting also provides an excellent opportunity for associates to discuss with each other matters of mutual interest.